The Nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Southern Greece

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  • Duration: 11 Days
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Greece is home to no less than seventeen UNESCO World Heritage sites, of which more than half are in the Peloponnese and southern Greece. This high-end thrilling and instructive programme will take us to the following illustrious examples of architecture, history and civilisation:

> The world-renowned theatre and Asclepium of Epidaurus

> The megalithic citadel of Tiryns, legendary birthplace of hero and demi-god Heracles

> Fabled Mycenae

> The Byzantine castle and citadel of Mystras

> The temple of Apollo Epicurius by Iktinos, designer of the Parthenon, perched on a remote mountain-top

> Olympia, cradle of the Olympic Games in 776 BC

> The sacred city and oracle of Delphi

> The Byzantine monastery of Ossios Loucas

> The Acropolis of Athens

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to savour the magnificence of Classical and Byzantine Greece in conjunction with beautiful natural surroundings.